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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Temptation Tuesday- Feet up with a book.

Feet up with a book. 
In front of a fire? 
*Double sigh*

It's quiet. 
There are probably biscuits. 
There'll be a cat circling. 
PJ's are the outfit of choice. 

There are some things I find just too irresistible so am starting a Tuesday confessional.
Feel free to join in

What can't you resist? 

You can link up here... or comment below!

Incidentally...Gone Girl.. Have you read it?
Seems ages ago since I read it... Loved it but was v unhappy with the ending.
Really looking forward to seeing the film now.


  1. No, I haven't read Gone Girl, but I just finished a thriller by Lee Child called Gone Tomorrow... What can't I resist? That is a difficult question. Perhaps I would have to say 'going bush' (there's that 'gone' again, but now it's present tense...)

    1. oooh! I do like Lee Child... just find Jack Reacher a little bit unbelievable - no roots...always there when trouble's in town. Doesn't stop me joining the waiting list at the library every time he has a new one out!

      Nice to find you on Goodreads X

  2. Spooky- that book was delivered to me this morning, it will be my next read after the Accidental Apprentice (which I am loving so much by the way, and I didn't think I would have such a strong opinion!)

    1. Will eagerly wait to hear what you think of Gone Girl! See you over on Goodreads x

  3. Gone Tomorrow was my first Jack Reacher book, and, yes, he is a little unbelievable, but perhaps that is the bit that 'makes' the book. I have now bought Gone Girl, so I'll let you know what I think of it (when I finally get around to reading it). Have a great day.