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Wednesday, 16 April 2014


So the holidays are going well. Am in a bean bag on the lounge floor & will have to stay here for all eternity because... well, I can't get out. I've been finishing off some crafty gluing flowers to their brooch backs whilst Junior (leopard cub in pic) does some drawing. All is calm and relaxed!  

Just for the record... IS there a way to get up from a bean bag that doesn't involve an unglamourous roll & a crack from the knees that startles any passing rabbits to death? 

Hope all well with you! 


  1. I loved the photo; it was so unconventional, and left many things to the imagination (including the bean bag). No, I really don't know how one gets out of a bean bag looking as though one is completely in control of the situation. I do hope that you did not startle too many rabbits (or perhaps you are still in the bean bag?).

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