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Friday, 15 November 2013

...discovered Snapguide yet?

Just when I thought 
there was enough social 
media in my life...


I found-

''Snapguide is a free iOS app and web service for those that want to create and share step-by-step "how to guides." The service provides easy to understand instructions for a wide array of topics including cooking, gardening, crafts, repairs, do-it-yourself projects, fashion tips, entertaining and more.
Users are invited to create their own guides 
using the iPhone app. 
Snap pictures and videos of your project, 
add captions, 
and share your guide 
with the Snapguide community.''

Am (of course) there like doghair. It's been public since March 2012 & has a really friendly chatty team. Pop over & say hi-  

You can make your own guides, 
Comment on others
Follow users, 
and Naturally
Lose absolutely 
of your life ...