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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Rose petal vodka...

I've got a gorgeous old fashioned scented rose in my garden

SO continuing my obsession with popping things in vodka for this months Pinterest challenge I've tried steeping some to make ROSE PETAL VODKA 

I didn't wash the petals but did flick the bugs off 

Filled a sealable jar with petals 
A heart shaped petal- 
Made my heart sing!

Poured on vodka (to cover)

Left to soak.
 It doesn't take them long to lose their colour

After a day or two I removed the colourless petals

Gave it a sieve, 
squeezed the precious juice out by hand. 
YES I Licked my fingers...

Isn't that colour amazing? 
I then added fresh petals & repeated the process 

So with my strained pink vodka I added sugar to taste 
(4 dessert spoons for me in total 
over the space of a fortnight)
Poured into a bottle
left in the dark 
& shaken every now and then

...A little slurp taken too

It really does taste like 
oooh IT's GOOD!


  1. I'll be round later - hic!

    Hugs, Di xx

  2. What an interesting idea. I wish I had a scented rose bush - although I think I'd be more inclined to make tea with it!

  3. Mmmmm that's all I can say!


  4. That looks so good! I am growing three seedling roses.

  5. Just popped over from the Folksy Forum, mmmm I have a rose bush, now I just need the vodka :)

    Jan x

  6. Wow that looks amazing! Love the idea of a nice pink vodka :)