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Monday, 19 March 2012

Button Swappers!

So here we are, all those that signed up leaving a blog or twitter link in the comments are below with hopefully a link to their twitter or blog... 

1. Find your name

Helen SWAPS WITH Andie

Krafty Cupcake SWAPS WITH Twinkles, Tutorials and Twirls

Georgina Giles SWAPS WITH Kitty Ballistic

Gwynneth SWAPS WITH Kerry

Mad about Stitching SWAPS WITH Rosalily

Rachael SWAPS WITH Emma

Michelle SWAPS WITH Anthea

Faye SWAPS WITH Prudence Puddleduck

Nikki SWAPS WITH Linda

noodleBubble SWAPS WITH TrocBroc

Aurora Blythe SWAPS WITH Joy

Martine SWAPS WITH Amanda

Grizzlie SWAPS WITH Crafty Beginnings

Louise SWAPS WITH Marie



2. Contact your partner. Swap addresses & agree timescales

3. Then parcel up - 

50 Buttons 
of any shape, form, description

nice Buttons - ones you would be happy to receive yourself... duplicates allowed but a MIX of buttons

4. Post selection of 50 lovely buttons to your swap partner then sit and wait for yours to arrive.

the end

I've added a linky at the bottom of the original post do feel free to link up your blogs if you're joining in the swap. It's a nice way of finding like minded Button addicts or fellow sufferers...


  1. Thankyou for organising the swap x

  2. Very to contact my swapsie partner :o)

  3. woohoo, im soo excited too :D

  4. Thank you for organising this - I've received my lovely buttons now x

  5. I have posted, swiped your button and blog my complete button package to my swap partner. Thank you for this excellent swap! I will visit often and hopefully met new cyber friends as lovely as Faye. Special thank you to Pen aka rosalily...who directed me to your fun place....♥Debi in Canada