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Monday, 10 October 2011

Drinking & Sewing

Fab Shop Window at Liberty London 

It's been a while - I abhor blogposts like this - but it has & the photo above from Liberty of London actually illustrates exactly what I've been doing rather than blogging.

A. Been poorly & slept a LOT

B. Bought lot new (to me) furniture so been arranging house to squeeze it all in 
( Didn't actually all fit)

C. Art Deco drinks cabinet amongst items in B.
(Bargainous & photies to follow)

D. Rude NOT to keep it stocked 

E. Silly not to drink what's in it

F. ah! Cocktail O' clock was born

G. NOT too sure why I'm doing these alphabetical points

H. I'll stop now

Also along the window - Christmas Shop Now on 4 - 
Yes, it's started so Ding Dong etc have been sewing and sewing and sewing and sewing - I've listed a few bits over on Folksy but mostly heading in to shops.


ANY drinks you'd recommend? I like Tequila (it makes me happy) Rum, Kahlua, Baileys, Whiskey... not so keen on Gin... Love Lime... Erm I'll actually try anything...


  1. You always make me giggle Lisa.Glad you've been enjoying yourself and being working hard as always.Have to say I don't do spirits..I'm a boring wine drinker :)xx

  2. Just found you via Folksy Forums! I love a black russian - Vodka, Kahlua and dash of coke delicious! Also had it with a guinness top!!

  3. Ooh I love cocktails! You could say I'm a connoisseur! My favs are mojitos from the classic (mint, sugar & lime muddled together with rum & soda) to the yummy raspberry mojito (mint, raspberries - fresh or puree muddled with lime then add rum & a dash of raspberry vodka or liquor & top up with soda). Tbh I love all mojitos cos you can make pretty much any flavour & it tastes amazing! I also love a Bramble which is a short cocktail built over lots of crushed ice with gin (Bombay sapphire being my personal fav) lemon juice then drizzle creme de mure (blackberry liquor) over the top of the crushed ice. If u wanted to you could replace then gin with vodka.
    The key to good cocktails is getting proportions right, if u go over board on the alcohol it will taste too strong so measure ur shots! Have fun trying lots of new cocktails! Cx

  4. Ooo i love tequila!!

    Another fave is tia maria, a splash of vodka & pure orange-gorgeous!

    I'm not an alcoholic i swear ;-)

    Fab blog- new follower here,