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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Handmade HEART Swap

Well December starts white and cold for most of us here in the UK... Christmas is but a snowball's throw away...SO lets have a little Heart warming Swap Filled Excitement to cheer us up for the start of Next Year...YYYYYYYY

The theme is Handmade Hearts... make something Heart shaped...from heart fabric...using heart long as it's handmade anything goes...DO make sure it's something you'd be happy to receive yourself and then carefully parcel up to your partner in handmade loveliness bearing in mind -

This is a VALENTINE TIME Swap.
Swaps should be posted to get to the recipients in time for FEBRUARY 14th 2011 PLEASE

GO ON ...
Sign up here by Commenting -

Your Full Name, Address including COUNTRY
Do add any other details you'd like your sender to know
I'll forward the details to send to nearer the time -

nB Once again shouldn't need saying, afraid previous swaps show it does- DON'T BE A SWAP $Hit - Swapping involves TRUST. We're all investing money and precious ruddy time on this so don't receive and not send it's not right and almost certainly karma will come and bite you on your naughty Bottom.

Sign Up Closes End of Month - December 31st 2010


  1. This sounds like fun, I'd love to join please.

  2. sure, why not, hearts seem to be a bit of a speciality for me! :)
    Vicky stars&scars x

  3. I'd love to join in, this will be my first swap :o)

  4. Ooooh me me me! I'd like to sign up for this please :) Wot a wonderful idea x

  5. Why not...? Would love to take part.

  6. Sherry sent me over to find you. Yes please count me in I'd love to take part.

  7. me too, count me in, I love hearts and swapping :)

  8. I'd love to be part of it =)
    This will be my first time (Yay!)

  9. What a great idea, I'd love to!

  10. Yes Please, put me down for the swop! I may need a reminder after the Christmas jollities!!

  11. Love to get involved, love hearts to xx

  12. Yes please! I love anything heart shaped! Claire xx

  13. WooHoo Yes please! Adding button to blog now :-) Ps what happens with the button swap? I never heard anything. Thanks xx

  14. I would love to participate if it's acceptable that I crochet - I do not sew which has me precluded from a lot of swaps.

    If I'm qualified to enter, please count me in.

    Thank you very much,

  15. Have we all remembered to email our addresses? It's not always obvious who they're coming from... if I haven't got your address you won't be able to play!

    Send it over please!

  16. I'm ready to swap. Have my idea, have my material. Ready, set go!

  17. I'm a swap virgin, but I'll give it a go, if someone can guide me = gently!


  18. I would love to take part, my first time too!!

    Maria x Pretty Beautiful Designs

  19. *waves* I'd like to join in too please! Something sweet to cheer up a stressful life would be lovely :D I'll email you now!

    Jo x

    Cupcakejojo Designs on Folksy!

  20. This sounds alovely idea, I would love to join in please :)

  21. I'm in! Will email you now.
    Zoe @ Top Floor Treasures

  22. I am a Valentines baby, so hearts seem to be a bit of a theme for me, I'd love to take part!! I will emeil my details to you now :-)

  23. Hi, I emailed you my details yesterday but got one back saying you hadn't received it yet due to a delay or something? If you need me to email again please let me know on topfloortreasures AT
    Thanks :)

  24. I would like to say thank you for organising this, I sent my heart off to Shelly of and she was really pleased with her heart :)
    This morning I received my wonderful package from Jo of she had sent me not one but two lovely hearts, I am such a lucky Gal!!