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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Do you want Five Minutes Peace...?

Fab & Fun for a Rainy Day or easy peasy FIVE+ minutes Peace without reaching for the TV Remote...

You will need - Bored Children

Roll of wallpaper/lining paper...newspapers for the floor or a mop?

Plastic Plates and Washable Poster Paint.

(Flip Flops / Crocs?)

Makes- Huge Mess, Large smiles,Fab memories,

once dried can be used as wrapping paper...
cut up to make collages...
but that's 5mins peace another day

Clear a SPACE and unfurl a Roll of Lining Paper,
or leftover wallpaper pattern side down

Squirt WASHABLE Paint into plastic plates
nB Precious floors should probably be covered with newspaper

Let the children walk in the paint, then over the paper...anything goes...


while you disappear for a cuppa

A pair of Flip Flops or Crocs would be handy for the walk up to the bath
or into the garden for a hose down

A mop is also a handy addition to the apparatus needed for this experiment

Honestly just leave them to it - making sure they've been briefed NOT to wander off when they've finished

Relax and enjoy your peace

I should probably mention the first time we did this there was a slippage - so please don't go out of earshot. The result was not photographed - NO ONE there will EVER forget what the house looked daughter looked like something from an Yves Klein Painting Ceremony - we ended up abandoning the paper, going outside and using the garden paving slabs, walls etc. The bathroom lost its 'new' look that day and the grout never recovered... however there was a LOT of Laughter and really, that's ALL that matters...
noodleBubble takes no responsibility
for the state of your house or children after doing this !


  1. What a fab idea, no children in this household, but I could borrow a nephew for this...
    Just brought some heart pins from you, have been meaning to get some so I also photogragh them with my pincushions. Happy Sunday. Kxxx