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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Please - Help a Friend!

A lot of you may know Vonnie Sandlan - She's in the process of setting up a brand new business after both her and her husband were made redundant earlier this year. They're opening a Craft Boutique in the West End of Glasgow offering tuition, supplies and equipment for hire in all kinds of craft disciplines from sewing to knitting, screenprinting to jewellery making. They are already having moderate success working from home and have entered a fab competition that would boost their profile tremendously.


For the next 20 days, supporters can click here and pledge their support by entering the number in the right hand box and/or leaving a comment. After this 20 days is up, the finalists will be shortlisted and voting will start in earnest. The business idea with most votes per region wins up to £50,000 from Barclays Bank to invest in their business - money which would drastically change their business plans!

It doesn't take a minute, SHE'S SO NICE and been SO HELPFUL and SUPPORTIVE to me in the past so would love to return her kindness by getting as many votes as we can for her!



  1. Lisa this is so unbelievably lovely of you - thank you ever so much xx

  2. Hope it does some good! Real pleasure to be able to help you back after all you did last year X