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Monday, 26 April 2010

Fab Weekend!

Started with Ferris Buellers Day off on Friday night! Watching it (again) made me realise how lucky I was to be a teenager in the 80's - John Hughes Films were FAB!

Sunday was Leicesters first Artisan Festival - It was such a Fun Day! I had the BEST position stall EVER - completely by chance I was next to the Frog and Mouse Picture Company where until noodleBubble Junior I've worked on and off since Uni - lots of giggles through the day and SO LOVELY to catch up with everyone... After spending the week in with Chickenpox Child and not much adult conversation boy,I was ready to CHAT. Most people that came to my stall felt they had to buy something just to try to end the conversation.

Debs from Snow Queens Trinkets was demonstrating Needle Felting as part of the Dominoes stall and I'd got a few people I wanted to look out for including Ingrid at Aura Art Glass and Sue at Home Spun with Love so whilst searching for their stalls I think I missed a few but found quite a few new favs - another Folkser Julia from Bodkin and Bead - wonderful shop name and GORGEOUS work. Khulelo who recycles a variety of materials - plastic, wool etc and has come up with a fantastic product range...

The other fab thing about the day was my View - oooh the man on the Goldrush Vintage stall opposite. MMM Dreamy.

I've said that out loud and then typed it haven't I?
...Oh well.


  1. Glad you had a good day on Sunday,Im loving that film too!

  2. I had good day too although I was a bit out the way which made it seem quite quiet. The bad thing about yesterday was the fact I did't get to have a wander round, my quick run through to the cafe teased me as I saw some great stuff but wasn't able to look at it all. Glad you enjoyed yourself, I hope it was profitable as well as fun...always a bonus!
    Take care,
    Sue X

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend! :D

    This is blueskydei from the I Want More Blogger Followers swap on now following!

  4. Thanks for your comments both in your blog and on mine
    (unfortunatelly I lost it).
    You're right. Sunday was a fantastic day.
    Are you coming to the saturday craft fair at TAO?
    See you soon.

  5. Great blog!

    (DanielleJess Swap-Bot)