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Monday, 12 April 2010


It was my birthday at the end of February and I keep meaning to post a thank you as I received so many lovely things from friends and family - now in April it does seem slightly late but poorliness, a holiday then a shedload (or greenhousefull) of inspiration and making got in the way. My favourite and my Best present ( to coin a Charlie and Lolaism) is currently at the bottom of my garden... drum roll please...


I've always wanted one and my Mums friend was getting a larger one so I've had the old one as a B'day pressie! Photos to follow but for the time being enjoy the picture above - Fab isn't it! It's actually a tray- makes me smile everytime I look at it...

Fab card from Mum - selling VERY well at the County Market every Friday in Glenfield!

Other lovely things include a little notepad with a Ladybird cover (another OBSESSION of mine) and a lovely floral garland from Evie George who threw a fab party for her birthday the week after mine...although it did cause a little bit of an argument here as Brad and George slopped off and I had got plans for them which didn't involve them crashing the party. Anyway, it's all sorted now- and thanks Anna for sorting EVERYTHING out so beautifully!
Extra bonus - my birthday is around the Comedy Festival time of year here in Leicester so had some wee your pants laughing nights out too! Thanks all- best night was Jenny Eclair with the Girls- lovely food, lovely company and HURT when I got home from laughing so much!


  1. this post made me chuckle!! Very happy to hear you are feeling better x x

  2. Ooh definite greenhouse envy! Mum is lending me her 'poor persons greenhouse' (shelves with cover on that I bought her) this summer and I'm sooo excited! Will be around to swap seedlings!! ;-) Hx

  3. Anna- sad to see Folksy shop empty but the description made me howl- NO Ikea catalogue here so have you got mine?!

    Heather - Seedling Swop - Wowser- I have a 2mm Pea and a vague green covering on the salad leaves crate at the mo to offer up !!! Have fab hols ♥

  4. Congratulations and happy birthday! I wish I had a yard, let alone a greenhouse :) enjoy!