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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Get the Kettle On!

These Are DELICIOUS - found them in a deli in Wells but coincidentally they're made in Ashbourne where we camped this summer.

I LOVE the Packaging, the shape of the biscs- cats and owls and THE TASTE - really homemade and scrumdiddleumptious.... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....yum

Naturally I've had to google them when I got home from Hols and it seems according to Abel and Cole-

"In the 1930s, the Spencer family set up a little bakery at the back of the Green Dragon tea shop in Ashbourne, Derbyshire. The family became known for their own special recipe for gingerbread – one that rivalled Grasmere's famous recipe. They were also well-known for sticking to British ingredients, not using additives and for their fine biscuit-making craftsmanship. After seven decades of baking, the Spencers were looking for someone to take over the business and carry on their hand-baking, ingredient-sourcing traditions. In 2006, they met their match. Paul Darvil of Bath's The Fine Cheese Co. took over but kept things much the same – all apart from the name, which he changed from the old Ashbourne Biscuit Company to Artisan Biscuits. "

We've had many a long Full English Breakfast (with a cream cake chaser) at Spencers - Fab Building with a real smell of the 30's when you go upstairs to the loo...

Anyway my point - If you're stuck for Christmas Ideas for me - the V&A shop sell these in a TIN (I love Tins- esp with biscs in - I can then reuse it for 'bits') Here's the link -


Rumours abound of Hare and the Tortoise Variety with pieces of Yorkshire toffee in ....

Let's have a little Competition

-Comment below with your favourite biscuit!!!

Feel free to elaborate WHY and HOW i.e do you dunk -but you don't have to AND yes you can enter more than once.

At the end of NOV I will randomly select a winner for some biscuit related prize...

mmmm looking forward to seeing your favs below...

and The prizes are... drumroll please... these amazingly life like brooches from Homemade Home on Folksy!

More about the maker coming up soon...



Comment Below to win both the Jammie Dodger AND Custard Cream Brooch!



  1. just to get the ball rolling -


    ARTISAN's Owl and The Pussycat Biscuits.

    I like to dunk...but not these...I would feel a little bit like I was drowning them!

    (I won't enter myself in the comp)

  2. Oh oh a biscuit competition! the BEST kind! I'm a new follower, love your blog!

    My favourite biscuit is a good old fashioned choccy d (chocolate digestive!)- i eat two at a time, break them in half and double dunk. YUM!

    Maddi(Makes) xxx

  3. Mmmmm nice - Good Choice.

    had a couple after my lunch today!

    Another biscuit I can't dunk - I don't like the oily film it leave on the tea's surface!

    Welcome! ♥

  4. It is VERY difficult to pick just one :S
    I think maybe my favourite might be the lovely organic, toffee biscuit thing that is covered in chocolate, that Marks and Spencers do. They are pretty delicious.
    I am against the dunking of all kinds of biscuits, why would you want to make your biscuit soggy and your tea crumby?!

    PS. I really want to try those Artisans biscuits, I keep seeing them and I love the artwork.

  5. I'd def pick that packet of biscuits up as a present for someone (or myself!).

    I love a bourbon, especially dunked in hot chocolate on a cold winters day.

  6. Mmmmmm they look lovely! My favourite biscuit is Fox's Butter Crinkles, I either dunk them in my coffee (timing is crucial - they don't take much dunking) or nibble them alongside Dairy milk chocolate for the ultimate chocolate biscuit. I may have to go and raid the biscuit tin right now....

  7. Favourite biscuit is a chocolate chip cookie, I particularly like the foxes chunky ones at the moment.

    I don't dunk in general as I usually drink lemon tea and I think dunking has to be done in milky tea. If I'm having normal tea though I'll maybe have a wee dunk.

  8. Ginger biscuits all the way, crunchy, nutty, chocolate it doesn't matter so long as they are ginger! And an absolute NO to dunking, soggy biscuits - bleuck!

  9. If you are a chocolate biscuit lover you can't beat these!!! TIM TAMS ! You can get them at some supermarkets (Sainsbury's I know of) They are chocolate biscuits joined together with chocolate filling and covered in real chocolate. To die for. But NOT for dunking.

  10. You mean I have to choose just ONE?! Oh but I LOVE biscuits. All kinds! Mmmm....biscuits....



    Do big fat chocolate chip cookies count as biscuits?? I would say they are probably my favourites overall.

    There are some lovely ones Tesco do (cheap as chips!) that also have nuts in....

    I repeat: Mmmmmm...biscuits....

    I could eat biscuits all day and all night! ;)

    Right, enough drooling, I'm off to Tesco!

  11. my fave bissie has to be......
    a fig roll
    mmm love them - but somehow there are never quite enough in a packet to go round everyone!!!!
    i nevr ever dunk a biscuit - i cant stand the softness - yack :)

  12. haha lol 'bissie' should read 'biccie' - slapped hand for not reading the comment through before posting!