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Monday, 12 October 2009

folksy 09 ♥ Christmas Ornament Swop

Very early in the summer I posted a thread on and had (surprisingly for June) a lot of interest in a Christmas Ornament Swop idea.

Since then a few have dropped out and a lot more have joined the fun...I've now closed the swop and am just awaiting a few addresses before the addresses are forwarded to those taking part...

The Idea -
Make a Christmas ornament to HANG. Photograph, Parcel, SEND by December 1st, Receive, Hang, Photograph in situ and upload to Flickr...

The Flickr group for this is at -
I can't wait to see what everyone makes - Here's a list of those involved and where they'll be sending to...happy making all...Stalker Packs with addresses and email contacts will becoming through the post shortly - do please contact your swopper to confirm the address before you post your ornament...

noodleBubble Can't come out to play with this one as has taken on a task too much with organising it.
Chumley sends to - Pretty Goods

Aleximo Sends to -Spoilt pig. Captain twitchy. Christals

theothermousie Sends to - Positively thrifty

WoodJewellery Sends to -Pretty Goods. Gladwyn. Chocolate monkey

Jaykay sends to - Hooray 4 Clay

ZennithZark sends to -Glassprimitif

threadspider sends to - Hooray 4 clay

SewScrumptious sends to -Sew you

Glueandglitter (shop is now She Draws)sends to - Captain Twitchy

AniccaJewellery sends to - Chiyo

sophiecat sends to - Sew You

oddsox - sends to - Jennys Textiles

SeetheWoods sends to - Talking Beads

SilkyPrudence sends to - Talking Beads. Treacle Zoo

DinkyDaisy sends to - Careford Creations. Lauren Ceramics. Averil Pam

midsummerstitches sends to- Bliss Knits

Halfanacre sends to -Jacks Knits. Moomin 127. Edwina simone

laurenceramics sends to -Fat Cat Felt. Captain Twitchy. Dinky Daisy

SnowdropsAndDaisies sends to -Careford Creations

FabricNation sends to -Amy Orange Juice. Hooray 4 Clay. Spoilt pig. Jennys Textiles. Nifty Thrifty

niftythrifty sends to -Fabric nation

averilpam sends to -Dinky Daisy

CarefordCreations sends to -Dinky Daisy. Snowdrops and Daisies

Moomin127 sends to -Half an Acre

BlissKnits sends to -Midsummerstitches

talkingbeads sends to -Silky Prudence. See The Woods

jacksknits sends to -Half an Acre

captaintwitchy sends to - Aleximo. Lauren Ceramics. Glue and Glitter

edwinasimone sends to -Halfanacre

JennysTextiles sends to -Oddsox. Fabric Nation
chiyo sends to -Annica Jewellery

ChocolateMonkey sends to -Wood Jewellery

fatcatfelt sends to -Lauren Ceramics

Christals sends to -Aleximo

SewYou sends to -Sew Scrumptious. Sophie Cat
gladwyn sends to -Wood Jewellery

Glassprimitif sends to -Zennith Zark

SpoiltPig sends to -Aleximo. Fabric Nation

Hooray4Clay sends to -Fabric Nation. JayKay. Thread Spider

Prettygoods sends to -Wood jewellery. Chumley
PositivelyThrifty sends to -The Other Mousie
AmyOrangeJuice sends to -Fabric Nation
TreacleZoo sends to -Silky Prudence


  1. Well done you for organising - that's a HUGE-NORMOUS list of people involved. ooo can't wait. x

  2. Good description! HUGE-NORMOUS. Like it! I've really enjoyed the sorting but VERY time consuming- may have to start signing up for 2010 now - any takers....♥

  3. I'm getting excited now and it is a long list. It must of taken ages to organise.

  4. Yes, thanks for organising this! Am very excited too! Vic x

  5. Wow, you must have been busy organising this. Thanks for doing it, I'm looking forward to parcelling mine up now.

  6. Thanks for organising this I bet it tooks lots of cups of tea? Its a great Idea

  7. Well Done, thank you so much for organising everything, have mine almost ready to go, just need to wrap them up for the girls

  8. Thankyou NoodleBubble, good job!
    My pieces aren't fired yet but I have made them today. It's very exciting isn't it?

  9. Captain Twitchy here! Squee! Very nice indeedy. I guess I'd better get my making and doing socks on again then :o)

  10. fab, better get on with it! Thanks for organising it Lisa, shame you're not taking part but i'd like to send you something anyway, as a thanks for putting so much into this task. Hopefully the post won't stop anyone getting theirs before xmas!

  11. am working on my christmas deccies as i type - and singing away, jingle bells, jingle bells ...
    much to my other half's bemusement.

    i LOVE christmas :)

    many thanks for organising this for us.

    tracy / fatcat felt

  12. Thanks noodle! this looks fab and lots of fun. xx