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Friday, 18 April 2014

Doodle daily do

As a change from the usual blank page

I drew some squares on the page for today's daily doodle. They'd soon turned to little frames filled with elements from each of the pics. Super quick to do so even had time to add some colours. 

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


So the holidays are going well. Am in a bean bag on the lounge floor & will have to stay here for all eternity because... well, I can't get out. I've been finishing off some crafty gluing flowers to their brooch backs whilst Junior (leopard cub in pic) does some drawing. All is calm and relaxed!  

Just for the record... IS there a way to get up from a bean bag that doesn't involve an unglamourous roll & a crack from the knees that startles any passing rabbits to death? 

Hope all well with you! 

Monday, 14 April 2014

Easter hols

I love school holidays... And the easy start to every day... 

Some parents panic at the thought of children at home. I'm lucky- working term time only-  I don't have to sort out additional childcare & get to have all the funs. 

We've got a lot planned- seaside, sleepovers, crafting & of course working through a pile from the library whilst eating our body weight in chocolate...

Some days have been left plan free- ready for spontaneous spa days, girly shopping trips & movie marathons (curtains shut for full cinematic effect) 

What are you doing for Easter? 

Saturday, 5 April 2014

It's never a pound shop thing

Things break.

This broke for NO reason, no one was touching it and although there was a football, a hula hoop & a scooter in the room at the time... 


Never throw the bits away. I like to leave them for up to a year exactly where they break. 

In this house they just break a lot.
So let me teach you the secret of invisible mending. 

I use UHU from the pound shop. Interestingly, nothing from the pound shop EVER breaks. It's always the Nice bits... 

Stick all the pieces randomly together. Hold a bit. Practically invisible already huh?? 

Then get a few paintbrushes, 60 euros, 2 bullets, Lego postbox, hair bobble, few cards from a card trick, matches, bubble container, some Hama bead bits, a ring, a holly cutter, and anything else that's been on your kitchen table since Christmas. 

Can YOU see the mend? 

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Temptation Tuesday- Feet up with a book.

Feet up with a book. 
In front of a fire? 
*Double sigh*

It's quiet. 
There are probably biscuits. 
There'll be a cat circling. 
PJ's are the outfit of choice. 

There are some things I find just too irresistible so am starting a Tuesday confessional.
Feel free to join in

What can't you resist? 

You can link up here... or comment below!

Incidentally...Gone Girl.. Have you read it?
Seems ages ago since I read it... Loved it but was v unhappy with the ending.
Really looking forward to seeing the film now.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

New Job!

So... I've got a part time job as a shopgirl at the newly opened 'Tiny Bakery' here in Leicester...

Have really enjoyed helping 'dress' the shop before opening but now it's open am just LOVING it more. Am surrounded by fresh bread, homemade cakes and the smell of delicious coffee. Add to this the need to chat to nearly every customer that comes in... Really!?! And you're paying me for this?? 

In my head I look just like Juliette Binoche in Chocolat in my Pinny.... Having caught a glimpse of myself the other day it seems the reality is more Arkwright from Open All Hours but never mind... 

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Welcome to the Comfort Zone...

If you can have Welcome to the Pleasure Zone playing in your head as you read that would be fab ta...


Hoo Har...

It's still light outside but I'm in my pjs because I don't need to go out again today.
I'm wearing leg warmers under them because I never left the eighties
I've shut the curtains.
Lit candles.
A fire too because in a bit I'm going to watch a film.
(Under a blanket)
An old film - Probably one I can talk along to.
In the background for the mo there is 80's cheese.
I am sewing
and doing a little light internetting.

I have snacks. 

I'll certainly be in bed by 8.
With a book- which I will read voraciously until my eyes feel like they are bleeding- Despite my intentions of lights out by 10.

Not living is it?
But really!
Please join me on my journey over the next few weeks as I LEAVE MY COMFORT ZONE... Bring your heels.

 *immediately lights more candles,
grabs blanket & book*